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By admin On November 18, 2022

Women look best in a saree. Sarees are accepted as the epitome of beauty and grace. Every time a woman wears a saree, it feels like she has just entered the red carpet moment. And if it’s about an event or special occasion, a woman with a gorgeous saree can easily steal the ultimate spotlight. It is not that the love for saree is only limited to India, but also women across the world prefer to wear saree. Indian silk House Exclusives, one of the best saree brands in India, is here today to discuss our love for saree more.

Each square inch of a sarees is woven by expert craftsmen inspired by regional landscapes, fauna, flora, and art. Generally, a saree is 5.5 metres long. But sometimes, a saree can be up to 9 meters long to meet the local draping requirements. For example, in order to follow the South Indian Madisar style or Maharashtrian Kasta style, women need a longer saree than regular ones.

The long history of the saree

Indian Silk House Exclusives has satisfied women with its vast range of special sarees since 1926. For 9 decades, we have been working with saree and looking for ways to craft something special for women with care.

The most amazing fact is that the practice of wearing a saree has been around for over 5000 years. You can find some mentions in several ancient texts of the Indus Valley Civilization (2800 to 1800 BC).

There was a time when women used to wear a three-piece garment known as a ‘sattika’. It is believed that ‘saree’ has been derived from ‘sattika’. The ‘sattika’ includes a dhoti-like piece, a chest band, and a veil to cover the shoulder area.

The wearing style of saree has been evolving in every generation. The wearing style also differs based on the region and culture. It is amazing to hear that today, there are more than 100 draping styles that Indian women try on a regular basis and even indo-western styles are also included and creating a rage on social media platforms.

Types of saree you can enjoy with Indian Silk House Exclusives

Everyone will accept the fact that there is no dearth of creativity and diversity in India. India feels like heaven for every saree fanatic out there. Each regional saree design has a history and has evolved over the centuries. If you are looking for the best sarees for weddings or any other event, visiting every physical market won’t be possible. Every state has popular markets where you can get amazing sarees but managing time to explore all shops is hectic for modern-day women. But there’s a solution. And that is online shopping. There was a time when only a few online saree stores were there with poor user experience. But the advancement of technology has made it possible to shop for high-quality sarees online without facing any kind of hassle.

When it comes to buying authentic sarees online at a reasonable price, Indian Silk House Exclusives holds the best position. From fairy-like Benarasi sarees to gorgeous South silks- you can enjoy everything here. Sarees with traditional values to sarees with modern styling vibes- Indian Silk House Exclusives has become the one-stop destination to get all sarees that women dream of wearing.

Some of our best sarees you must try


A highly popular genre of saree woven purely from mulberry silk thread. The name of the saree is derived from the Kanchipuram region of Tamil Nadu. The borders and pallus are amazingly intertwined with aesthetic zari sourced mainly from Gujarat..


The trousseau will be incomplete without a Benarasi. Obviously, choices may vary. Benarasi sarees are mainly pure silk sarees designed by weavers in Varanasi with eloquent gold or silver zari. You will find that the fine silk is rightly adorned with intricate designs inspired by Mughal art and architecture.


Did you know Madhya Pradesh is popular for its handloom saree industry? Chanderi and handloom sarees are woven with a blend of silk and cotton with geometric motifs. We source amazing handloom sarees from all parts of India, and that’s why our collection is the largest. The variety we can offer that you won’t get anywhere else. Our broad range of authentic saree collections has made us the best in the saree market in Kolkata.

Soft silk

If you are a fan of modern sarees that you see every Instagram influencer is wearing and just slaying the internet, you can try soft silk sarees offered by Indian Silk House Exclusives. The minimal use of zari makes the fabric super light as well as soft while maintaining its natural radiance. You can look classy in soft silk sarees and wear them in both day and night events.

There are many other sarees such as Ikkat, Paithani, Georgette, Kora, Cotton, Dhakai, Linen, Baluchari, Bomkai, Tussar, Maheshwari, Uppada, Gadhwal, etc., you can enjoy with Indian Silk House Exclusives. Being of the best saree brand in India, we are committed to providing high-quality sarees at a reasonable rate. No matter which event is knocking on your door, you will get the perfect saree to be the centre of attention at that event.

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