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How to reuse your old sarees in 10 exciting ways

By admin On November 26, 2022

How to reuse your old sarees in 10 exciting ways

Most women have some sarees that they do not wear anymore but can’t throw them away because of the charm and bonding with that saree.You have clicked the title to read this blog means you, too, have some old sarees but don’t know how to reuse them in a stylish manner. If so, don’t go here and there. In this blog, you will get the most effective tips for reusing your old sarees. You can be creative and super stylish at the same time if you try your old sarees in a little bit different way.

So, let’s check the best ways to reuse old sarees-

Turn an old saree into a salwar suit

You may have a very beautiful saree that you have worn plenty of times. Maybe the border and pallu areas are a bit damaged. But don’t worry, you can turn that saree into a beautiful salwar suit with the help of an expert tailor. On the other hand, there are some sarees that elders used to wear when they were young. But they do not wear them presently due to a change in preference. If you have such sarees, you can easily turn those sarees into stylish salwar suits and snatch the spotlight at any coming events.

Get a new saree out of the old one

Due to wear and tear, sarees get damaged in the lower and upper borders. If you have an old saree in the same condition, you should cut out the borders and paste new borders. You can beautify the saree using Kundan work, sequins,or zari-based patchwork borders. For a fancier look, you may add some tassels or pom poms to the pallu. It’s an absolutely easy task. You can do it, or you can deploy an expert tailor to make your own designer saree.

Make a beautiful lehenga

Without a lehenga, a wedding event seems incomplete. Not only at wedding events, but you can also wear lehengas on many other occasions. If you have a gorgeous saree that you no longer wear, you can easily turn that old saree into a flared lehenga and look beautiful in the coming event. You know that a lehenga is a 2 or 3-piece outfit. You can prepare the skirt and blouse using the same saree. But you may need to buy a separate dupatta to complete the 3-piece lehenga set. You can add a tassel, pom poms, sequins, buttons, and so many other things to enrich the stylish value of the lehenga.

Design a party-ready maxi dress

Women can’t hide their love for long maxi dresses. Some old sarees are so close to women’s hearts that they can’t eliminate any part of that saree. If you are one of them, you can easily use your saree to make a beautiful long maxi dress. You know that maxi dresses are long and flared and require a lot of clothes. If you prepare a maxi dress using your old saree, more or less the entire saree will be used. You can flaunt the main attractions of saree by placing them on the chest, back, hands, and even on flares. Just like saree pleats, you can design the maxi dress flares and wear a mid belt to create your own style statement.

Make a trendy kaftan kurta

Kaftans are always exciting. It makes us feel so comfortable. No matter whether you are heading to the office or have an exciting dinner date, a kaftan suit can complete your look. If you have old chiffon or georgette sarees, you can easily turn that into a beautiful kaftan. You can add buttons and stones or do stitch work in the neck area to beautify it more. Kaftan is easy to make and will look awesome when you wear it.

Stitch an elegant Anarkali

Women can’t deny the elegant vibes of an Anarkali kurta. You can make simple Kalis and create a beautiful Anarkali kurta. You can try the round neck or v-neck style. If you have enough cloth, you can prepare full sleeves for the Anarkali kurta. You can complete the look with pencil-cut pants or plain leggings. You can doll up in chand-balis, bindi, a sleek neckpiece, and whatever you want to try.

Prepare a super stylish jumpsuit

If you prefer to wear something unique apart from Kurta, Anarkali, or Salwar suits, you can try a jumpsuit. You can easily use your old saree in a jumpsuit. Make sure your saree is simple and has no heavy work. You should visit a tailor if you are not a pro at stitching and cutting pieces. You should share your requirements in detail and prepare a beautiful jumpsuit out of your old saree.

Craft a palazzo pant or a sharara

The comfortable fit of palazzo pant or a sharara is undeniable. They are versatile. You can easily wear them with tops, kurtas, etc. You can use your old saree to craft beautiful palazzo pant or a sharara. You will get a perfect fit, the right amount of flare, and accurate length. You can wear the palazzo as ethnic wear or western wear. Based on the material of the saree, you may need to use a suitable lining.

Design capes, overcoats, and jackets

Some salwar suits and dresses look so incomplete. Wearing a cape or jacket can complete that suit. Even if the suit is perfect, you can enhance its beauty by pairing it with a colourful cape or jacket. You can wear jackets and capes with western wear and create a different style statement. With your old sarees, you can easily create an Indie-fusion style statement that makes you different from the crowd.

Get a beautiful shirt

If you are a shirt lover, you can prepare a shirt using your old saree. Not everyone likes to wear a kurta or Anarkali, and if you are one of them, you can easily prepare a saree out of your old saree. If the saree is soft, sober, and does not contain heavy work, you can turn that saree into a boho shirt and make your travel days more comfortable and stylish.

These are the top 10 ways that you can try to reuse your old sarees. No woman prefers to discard a saree, no matter how long it is with her. Some sarees contain good old memories. Trying these ways will help you to relive the special moments in a new way. Here, ten easy ways are shared. You can try them at any time and get plenty of pleasing compliments.

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