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5 must buy silk sarees this Puja

By admin On September 30, 2018

Shorts, dresses, tunics, dungarees and crop tops are lovable. But the beauty that the graceful six yards holds in the heart of the Indian women is simply irreplaceable. No matter how easy and comfy the western outfits appear to be, nothing can simply look better than ath enchanting silk sarees. It is a proven fact. On the wake of Durga Puja, every saree lover is gearing up to refill her closet with the best of best sarees.

The six yards always look classy and elegant. These days, a wide array of saree option is put before the customer. Cotton, Silk saree, Sico, Kantha, Printed, Katan, Baluchari and what not. It is true that shoppers love the idea of getting a large number of options before them but too many choices often make one feel confused. Hence, it is crucial to know what exactly you should be looking out for.

Durga Puja is just a few days away and the silk saree stores have their best collection. People have already started buying and you should not waste any more time and get ready to check out all that’s in store for you.

There is literally nothing to explain about online shopping as each one of us know the pros and cons of buying stuff online. It is definitely true that while purchasing online saree we do not get to check the material properly but these negative points simply vanish especially when you are buying from a reputed store whom you can trust for their quality of products and the price. Indian Silk House Exclusives for instance, is a saree store that can be trusted upon blindly. You neither have to worry about the material nor about the shipping policies as you will get your sarees right on the scheduled time. About the pricing factor, they offer all price range sarees but some are really exclusive and all good things come at a price. But one thing is sure that their pricing is the best if compared to their competitors. The moment you lay your hands on the sarees, you will understand that the price you have paid for the product is completely worth it. This Lake Road store offers physical buying and online shopping options. Hence it would not be an issue for the shoppers to try out shopping from their online portal which promises to fulfil your silk saree shopping needs.

Now let us ponder some attention upon the top 5 best selling silk sarees that you should gift yourself this Puja.

  1. Katan silk sarees:

    Katan Silk Sarees
    Katan Silk Saree

    No, it is just not restricted to being a Wedding Saree. Katan holds a special place in any and every Indian occasion. This is a saree widely worn in festive occasions and here at Indian Silk House Exclusives you get to explore a large plethora of Katan Saree collection that is surely going to sway your heart away. Price ranges from 4000 rupees onwards.

  2. Assam Silk:

    Assam Silk Saree
    Assam Silk Saree

    The more it is said about this amazing silk saree the less it seems to be. Savor the beauty of the Assam Silk sarees that make you look festive ready all the time. Available in attractive shades and exquisite patterns, Assam Silk from Indian Silk House is a must have this Puja.

  3. Kanchipuram:

    Kanchipuram Silk Saree
    Kanchipuram Saree

    The enriching and classy collection of Kanchipuram sarees that Indian Silk House Exclusives proudly showcases is something that one just cannot ignore. Get a least one of the fantastically designed Kanchipuram sarees for yourself that you can wear on Navami.

  4. Uppada:

    Uppada Saree
    Uppada Saree

    Everything about the Uppada saree will make you fall in love with it. The fact that the weavers take several months to work on each saree to give some amazing results makes the end products visually delightful. You must check on reversible weaving of real Uppada silks as lot of cheap and dummy Uppadas are sold in the market. But Indian Silk House Exclusives sells original Uppada silks. That is why we recommend Indian Silk House Exclusives as they say “BUY ORIGINAL SAREES FROM ORIGINAL STORE”

  5. Gadhwal:

    Gadhwal Saree
    Gadhwal Saree

    Beauty, tradition and elegance come hand in hand in this classic weave from Andhra. It comes in four different textures- Cotton, Sico , Silk and Dupion. You are literally going to look amazing while adorning yourself in classic Gadhwal silk sarees on Saptami and Ashtami evening.

Grab these classic 5 silk sarees from Indian Silk House Exclusives and you are surely going to look awesome.

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