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Paithani Sarees- Setting the mood for every celebration

By admin On August 19, 2017

The graceful six yards compliments every Indian woman in a very subtle yet sensual way. There are no other traditional attires that can bring out the individual sense of femininity in a woman apart from the sarees. There is an intrinsic depth of the Paithani sarees weaving traditions which further make the saree quite a popular garment around the world. It is undoubtedly, the perfect choice for any occasion. Be it a party or a formal event, this kind of saree has the eccentricity to spruce up the look of the wearer in the most astounding way.

Our country is enriched with different forms of sarees. Each state has its own variations of the six yards and Indian Silk House Exclusives is known for offering the saree lovers with a wide array of traditional sarees that are meant to be worn in different occasions.

Origin of Paithani sarees

Paithani sarees have got its name from the village of Paithan that is located near Aurangabad. This city is positioned in the glorious state of Maharashtra and is known for being the most authentic place to purchase Paithani silk sarees. Paithani is the handloom silk saree that is known for its resplendence.

Weaving of Paithani silk- the raised pitloom

The process of weaving a Paithani takes up a huge time. Earlier this saree had cotton base that has been shifted to pure silk base. Previously the Paithani sarees used to have silk in only the weft portions and border areas. These sarees are made on a raised pitloom and have no trace of cotton. Therefore, it has completely transformed into a silk saree.

Paithani designs & exclusivity

Paithani sarees have unique specialty and in order to explore its uniqueness, you ought to check out the border and pallav area that are designed with contrasting shades. The pallav usually has a golden base and is braced by silk patterns that eventually give a splendid look to the paithani saree.

Two different colour silk threads are brought together to create a light and shadow effect that is well appreciated by the wearers. Paithani silk sarees are usually created in brighter shades of magenta, purple, green and even pink.

It is said that during the Peshwa rule, the borders and pallav portions of the Paithani sarees had pure gold mixed with copper. It was done to add more strength to the attire.

Motifs of Paithani sarees

The motifs that are woven in the Paithani silk sarees are lotus, parrots, coins, petals, flowers, fans, coconut and even designs are extracted at times from the classic sculptures. There are different kinds of Paithani designed as per the motifs created by the weavers. For instance, Asavali is the name that has been given to the flower and vine designs that are woven on the border and pallav. Tota-Maina Paithani is for the designs with parrot patterns, the peacock designs with round design is called bangdi-mor.

Those who find these motifs and patterns to be interesting enough can visit the Lake Road Store of Indian Silk House Exclusives to purchase these elegant sarees. Paithani sarees also make as an astounding bridal outfit. The would-be brides can definitely consider wearing the Paithani sarees in any one of her ceremonial functions. Bridal sarees are extremely popular and Paithani patterns always rule the traditional saree industry.

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