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Sarees: Weaving the bond between Mothers and Daughters/ Generations of Women

By admin On May 5, 2020

The relationship between a mother and a daughter can never be described easily in words. Sometimes they tend to mirror each other, sometimes vehemently oppose each other and sometimes, they relent and find middle ground. Most girls tend to become more and more like their mothers as they grow up. And why not? They’re the ideal female figure for them to look up to since they were born.

The first memory every girl has that involves a saree is probably loosely draping your mother’s dupatta as a saree over their bodies. Being the primary female figure around a girl child, it comes naturally to mimic the mannerisms, behaviour and even the outfit that our loving Indian mothers adorn, usually. That same saree becomes a bond between generations of women. Silk sarees are often passed down generations as heirlooms, a part of ancestral history, to be treasured by generations to come.

As a young woman who is growing up, the daughter is taught how to drape a saree as it is still the go-to traditional and formal attire for special occasions. Be it a cousin’s wedding or a dance recital in school, the saree is draped by the mother with ease, as the daughter reels from amazement at how swiftly the mother’s fingers can work to make a piece of cloth look like a graceful, mesmerising attire. With time and practice, this comes with ease and the cycle continues with the next few generations. As the daughter grows up, the saree also becomes her bridal attire and symbolises her growth from a young girl to a woman. The saree is rooted in the deep heritage of India and is considered a symbol of elegance and grace. Every region has their own different kinds of draping styles and fabrics. Families have their own tricks and secrets of draping the saree and even ways to store the saree so it looks new even years later.

The saree is so versatile that it suits all, from the young to the old, from tall to short, from lean to curvy. It brings out a beauty that hardly any western outfit can live up to. And these sarees bring together women, creating deeper relationships and help to get to know your mother and the generations before her. Indian Silk House Exclusives has been around since 1926, helping mothers and daughters dress up, giving them opportunities to know each other better and providing silk sarees that have been passed down since then. To check out our collection or know more about us, visit

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